Why Buy Window Treatments from A Local Business vs Box Stores or Online?

Window Treatments

Have you seen what the displays look like at the box stores? They’re an unorganized mess filled with low quality products. The online stores as far you know will probably be shipping you the same garbage you can buy at the box stores and when they arrive, you’ll reading directions and hoping you don’t drill holes in the wrong places.

How about finding someone in the box store to answer your questions?  Good luck with that. Every home a specific application the store associate or online bot is completely unaware of.  If you as the consumer don’t give them every detail, which 99.9% of the time the consumer doesn’t know what look for. You are headed for a disaster.  Consumers aren’t educated enough on window treatments to know if they need inside mounts, outside mounts, is there enough room for the brackets, is there enough clearance to open my window or close the shades or blinds, and so on…? There are some many things that can go wrong doing it yourself without expert support.

When you go with a local business expert you should know they have a reputation to uphold in the community. If they aren’t offering excellent customer service, they won’t be in business very long, word will spread.  Your local expert should be able to address all the scenarios and recommend the right products depending on the customers wants and needs in their home. The box stores and online stores will not be able to provide this type of service.  You’ll have questions and concerns throughout the process, your local expert will be much easier to get ahold of than someone at the box store or an online Bot. Lastly your expert should have samples of the product you can see, touch and feel, unlike the online stores. You’ll notice a difference in quality immediately from the box stores product compared to the products your local expert provides. Again, if your local expert isn’t providing quality products, they wont in business very long, word will spread.

Like your kids and pets, you don’t want to go cheap when taking care of your windows!

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